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What are the advantages of renting a Telephone System as part of a telecommunications package?

The biggest advantage is zero upfront capital costs leaving you with minimal impact on your cash flow and receiving the tax benefit of renting business equipment. You will also reap the benefits of discounted calls and therefore reducing your overall telephone bill.

What are the types of business telephone systems?

There are different types of phone systems for different purpuses. The main types include PBX (or PABX), VoIP (or converged) and Key systems.

To learn more visit the phone systems guide.

Samsung is a world leader provider of most types of telephone systems.

What is included with my telephone system?

All purchases of telephone systems include assistance to select the most appropiate handsets and accesories. Our Plexus Communications team will take care of the installation and setup of your phone systems to meet you business communications requirements.

What type of support do you provide?

Samsung specialists are ready to assit you with any issues or questions. Our Plexus Communications team can provide you with one-on-one assistance via voice calls, as well as convenient remote or on-site configurations.

Who is Plexus and how long have they been around?

Plexus has been selling and servicing telephone systems for over 20 years, and has achieved an enviable reputation of providing excellent service with quality products. We are proven and are here to support you in the long term.

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