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OfficeServ 7200S Phone System
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OfficeServ 7200S Phone System

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Affordable today, expandable tomorrow
Ideal for up to 64 extensions. Samsung OfficeServ 7200S' flexibility and incremental growth is what sets it apart from other systems. You can easily add expansion cards to build out the system line by line without having to spend for excess capacity. The system’s adept main processor provides significant voice and data muscle to run your business with ease and efficiency. It has all the power and versatility you need at a size and price that's right for you.

Equipped to handle the latest SIP technology, the OfficeServ 7200S can save you money on your monthly phone bills by reducing recurring carrier charges.

Basic Features

  • Accommodates a wide range of digital, IP and wireless phones to suit your business needs.
  • Built-in reporting functionality for monitoring call statistics
  • Auto Attendant with Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) for efficient call handling
  • Embedded voicemail with email gateway to deliver voice messages to your MS Outlook Inbox

Advanced Features

  • SPNet enables networking to other OfficeServ platforms at remote offices
  • Mobile Extension (Executive Mobex) allows your desk phone and mobile phone to ring simultaneously and gives you the ability to transfer, conference, and put calls on hold from your mobile phone.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications help improve cost efficiency and streamline operations.
  • Wireless Access Points allow wireless handsets and PDAs to integrate seamlessly with phone system features.

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"The new phones are great!! And everyone is happy, especially the receptionists.
I'd be happy to recommend you to any potential customers.

Many thanks and have a great day"

Finance Manager

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