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What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is a technology that extends the power of the phone system. It allows you to:

  • use your phone as an answering machine
  • listen to your messages
  • take an incoming recorded message and forward it to someone else
  • send the same recorded message to a number of different people
  • pre-record a message that you want sent to someone at a predetermined time, e.g., tomorrow at 3:00pm

Accessing Voicemail

The Voicemail system can be accessed by dialling 2233 (or 62012233 if dialling in from off campus). When Voicemail answers, you will be asked to enter your security code. (If checking your mailbox from another extension, dial *# as soon as Voicemail answers to receive the 'please enter your mailbox number' prompt. External users will be prompted without doing this.) Once you have learnt the basics of the system, recorded instructions will take you through all the available options. The system is divided into three main categories:

  1. Listen to messages
  2. Record and send a message
  3. Use the Phone Manager

More detail on these can be found in the CallXpress Quick Reference guide.

Getting started

Before you can effectively use the Voicemail system four things must be customised:

  1. Security code (like a PIN)
  2. Personal greeting (your answering machine message)
  3. Your name
  4. Call forward options for your phone

Have your CallXpress Quick Reference guide handy when you set up these options.

NOTE: Our Voicemail system has a special "tutorial" feature that walks new users through this customisation. If you would like to use the tutorial, contact the Switchboard supervisor on extension 5101 and she will initialise this feature on your phone.


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